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Fatty Liver Diet - Top 7 Healthy Foods for Your Fatty Liver

A healthy liver means your body is functioning correctly, you are eating right, and your body is digesting it all properly. The liver's primary function is to detox the body, so everything you eat will be filtered by using your liver. With the proper

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Role of technological improvement in glucose monitoring and insulin delivery

1. What is glucose monitoring? Glucose monitoring is a way of testing the concentration of glucose in the blood. Glucose monitoring is important for diabetes management. 2. Steps involved in monitoring blood glucose To wash the hands and insert

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Can a tooth infection cause headaches?

1. Signs, symptoms, and the possible impact of tooth infection: Before examining, Can a tooth infection cause headaches, or is the interrelation between tooth infection and headache? It is essential to focus on the signs, symptoms, and possible impa

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What causes hip pain? symptoms and treatment

1. An overview The hip is the junction connecting the upper with the lower part of the body. The hip region is the joint between the femur and acetabulum,  pelvis (femur is a thigh bone and acetabulum is the deep cup-shaped structure that enclo

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The 21 day fix calorie chart

1. Introduction The 21 day fix calorie chart is a diet program especially designed to help people reach their weight loss goal through healthy eating portion control and daily exercises. The plan calls for balanced eating that includes a mix of all

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What causes pancreatic cancer? symptoms, types, Treatment

1. Meaning, location, function and functional disorder of pancreas: Before focusing on the issues relevant to pancreatic cancer , it is essential to highlight the meaning (as well as related aspects) of pancreas- the hub of pancreatic cancer. Pancre

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Wisdom teeth removal aftercare instructions day by day

Overview: What does aftercare mean? Etymologically aftercare means taking care of a man, animal, or plant after it has been physically or environmentally impacted. In medical science, it implies extending proper care and help extended to a pati

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Hair Loss – Symptoms, Tests, Types, Causes, Treatment

1. Hair loss- An overview The mental agony and anxiety suffered by almost everyone following hair loss bear ample evidence of the vital importance and immaculate beauty of hair. A hairless head is like a barren land without vegetation/ like a dry us

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When to worry about hernia pain? Symptom, Causes, Treatment

1. When to worry about hernia pain and what is it? From blinking (an eye) to running (a marathon), every movement (in the human body) is controlled by muscle functions. Moreover, the muscles help hold the organs in their right position. A weak spot

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What is Acid Reflux? Causes, Types, Treatment

1. Acid Reflux- an overview Globally, 30% of adults suffer from acid reflux problems. The health problem may occur in people at any age including babies. The stomach contains hydrochloric acid- a strong powerful acid that helps break down food and

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