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Can sleep apnea kill you? Symptoms, Causes, risk factors, & Treatment

1. Sleep Apnea - An overview Before focusing on the various aspects related and relevant to the question Can sleep apnea kill you? it seems important to highlight the meaning, benefits, and problems affecting the quality of sleep. And sleep apnea is

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How to get pregnant fast and easy

1. Psychic factors behind early pregnancy Every couple can enjoy sex-soaked by love. Also, romance and driven by strong inborn impulse irrespective of having fertility or not. But sufficient evidence is there pertaining to lacking infertility in the

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What are the chances of getting pregnant from precum?

What is precum? A common but surely important question (What are the chances of getting pregnant from precum?) always remains in our minds during sexual activity. Pre-cum is the reason for pregnancy or not. The short answer to the question in a word

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How long does it take to get blood test results for pregnancy?

Overview (How long does it take to get blood test results for pregnancy?) Most of the common questions, a how long does it take to get blood test results for pregnancy?. 'Getting quick as well as quality service at least cost in terms of time and mo

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Urine Pregnancy Test Accuracy

1. What is the urine pregnancy test? Usually, Urine pregnancy test accuracy is performed at home (instead of in the clinic). The home uses kits to measure HCG in the urine. ( HCG i.e. Human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone produced in women durin

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Migraine symptoms, causes, risk factor, test, treatment

1. Overview of migraine Migraine means pain discomfort felt partly or wholly in the head. Primary headaches are discomforts lying in the head that are caused directly by overactivity or structural problems in the head. Which are pain-sensitive. Thes

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Headaches in pregnancy second trimester

1. What headache means, according to medical science (Headaches in pregnancy 2nd trimester) Headache implies a feeling of pain or discomfort lying partly or wholly in the head. Primary headaches are discomforts caused directly by overactivity or on

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Heart Attack | symptoms, Causes, treatments

1. An overview Before going into a detailed discussion on relevant aspects related to heart attack, it is essential to highlight the definition, location, function, importance, and other key issues concerning heart lying in the human body. The hear

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What is Depression? Causes, Symptoms, Types

1. What is depression? Depression is a severe condition that negatively affects how a person thinks/ feels/acts/ behaves. Depression invites feelings of sadness/ sorrow/ hopelessness/ loss of interest in activities (engaged earlier) Conclusively, d

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What Is Diabetes? Type 1 & 2 Diabetes, Symptoms, Causes

Diabetes - An Overview A. Cappadocia first coined the term diabetes. And in 1675 Thomas Wills added the word Mellitus (which is a Latin word and means ‘honey’, and it has reference to the sweet taste of urine which has been noticed in th

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