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How to use apple cider vinegar for weight loss

Overview How to use apple cider vinegar for weight loss?. It is an inborn human instinct to gain the most at nil or negligible cost in terms of both time and resources. Many are suffering from overweight and obesity and hence, are risking serious ma

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The Mediterranean Diet | Food List & 7 Days Meal Plan

The Mediterranean diet- an overview Before focusing on the link of the mediterranean diet with insulin sensitivity, it seems essential at first to highlight the different aspects relevant to the Mediterranean diet, which are discussed below:

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How to Lose Weight Fast For Women?

Overview Grave concern over the existing global overweight and obesity problem has been expressed by the Australian Institute of Health and Statistics which states that 70.8% of men are now overweight and obese (compared to 56.3% of women). But even

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How to get rid of man boobs

1. What are man boobs? 'Man boobs' (or gynecomastia) is a common health problem among middle-aged people suffering from unhealthy chest fat. The problem also appears in the case of old men. Their breasts swell and then become abnormally enlarged. 2

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Very Low Calorie Diet Plan

Table of content: What is the Very Low-Calorie Diet Plan? Why a Very Low-Calorie Diet? List of some very low-calorie diet plans. Vegetables Fruits Food-grains Meat Other proteins which contain low-calorie.

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700 Calories a Day Meal Plan - Super diet plan

700 Calories a Day Meal Plan - Overview The “Meal plan for 700 calories a day” is considered safe (an option for every other day or a few days a week).  However, it is not safe to follow the 700 calories diet plan (in full 7 days a

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