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How to get rid of man boobs

How to get rid of man boobs

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1. What are man boobs?

'Man boobs' (or gynecomastia) is a common health problem among middle-aged people suffering from unhealthy chest fat. The problem also appears in the case of old men. Their breasts swell and then become abnormally enlarged.

2. Types of man boobs

There are mainly 2 types of man boobs: 

  • The first one is called simply 'Moobs'. It is very common and can be felt with ease. Because it is mainly caused by chest fat. 
  • The second one is 'gynecomastia'. It is also a symbol of underlying health problems like liver disease, pituitary tumors, and cancer.

3. Possible risks of man boobs

'Man boobs' do not necessarily have chest fat. This is seemingly not a problem so far as the outward look is concerned. The actual problem is related to other health adversities, such as heart disease, diabetes, fatty liver, high blood pressure, and high sugar level.

4. Causes of man boobs

There is a common perception that 'man boobs' are due to excess fat in the chest. Veritably, this is due to extra breast tissues and not due to extra chest fat. Research studies reveal that food items that are high in 'Estrogen' (such as dried fruits, flaxseed, peas, beans, sesame seed, soybean, tempeh, tofu, and alfalfa sprouts ) are one of the main causes of 'man boobs'. This 'Estrogen' rich food intake is simply pouring fuel into the hormonal inferno.

5. Common signs of man boobs

Chest fat can occur in a single breast or both breasts. There are some common symptoms observed in a person suffering from 'man boobs'.

  • The single or both breasts become tender or soft.
  • The tissues of the chest are asymmetrical.
  • The diameter of the areola increases (Areola is a term generally used to describe the area of dark-colored skin in the breast that surrounds the nipple).
  • The tissues of the chest swell.

6. Remedial measures (Manboobs solution)

To effectively cure 'man boobs' one need not go to the gymnasium. What one essentially needs is to follow the proper medication, if the need arises, and a healthy balanced diet with a physical workout at home focusing on attaining a healthy and strong chest muscle

6.1) Medication

Man boobs are physically painful and embarrassing. Additionally, someone may find and feel unusual swelling, tenderness, and nipple discharge. In such a case, one needs to immediately consult a physician or find out a health care provider for proper treatment options only after undergoing the pathological tests as prescribed by the specialist to find out the potential causes.

6.2) Reduce man breasts through diet

6.2.1) To get rid of boobs at home, one essentially needs to eat a balanced but calorie-restricted diet. One needs to consume low calories and burn more to shed excess fat. The gap between consuming low calories and burning more will have a salutary impact on losing excess and unhealthy chest fat to get rid of 'boobs'. The US Department of Agriculture recommends that men should consume between 2000—3000 calories daily to maintain a reasonable weight. However, the safe limit of calorie intake may vary depending on height, age, activity level, and general health condition. One can measure the progress once a week and adjust accordingly the calorie intake as needed.

6.2.2) For those having excess fat on the chest need to cut consumption from grain and shift to consuming carbs contained in dark green and brightly colored vegetables and low-sugar fruits. One needs to be sure that all meals he eats mostly at home and seldom outside, should contain daily total calories strictly less than what he is burning every day to get rid of man boobs at home. Additionally, one needs to avoid consuming foods high in 'Estrogen'

6.3) How to get rid of gynecomastia with exercise

In addition to medication and a healthy dietary plan, one needs to perform a full-body exercise at home to get rid of boobs. This is essential to burn a higher amount of calories to attain strong and active health. Physical workouts that effectively build strong and healthy muscles include mainly push-ups, plank, reverse crunches, and squat thrusts.

6.3.1) Normal Push-ups:

A push-up (USA English) or press-up (UK English ) is a common strength training exercise performed in a prone position, lying horizontal and facing downwards, while raising and lowering the body by using and bending the arms at the elbows. The arms must be placed slightly wider than the shoulder breath Throughout the workout, the body, from the head to the ankles, must be on the same straight line. Repeat and enhance gradually up to 10—15 times without rest.

Body weight should be lifted by using arms only, and neither by using buttocks, nor stomach, nor even by using the lower half of the body. Push-ups are basic exercises used in civilian physical education as well as military physical training that develop pectoral muscles and triceps with ancillary benefit to the deltoids and the midsection as a whole. The push-up is popularly known as the joining of 2 yoga poses-- downward facing posture ' and ' upward facing posture'. Push-up was first invented in the USA from 1905—1910. Some 40 years later it was followed in the UK.

Alternative push-ups:

Push-up varies in different types depending on different parts of the body used to support the body weight which is discussed below.

Knee push-ups:

To reduce the lifting load by about 50%, one can perform the same exercise by keeping the body weight on the knees, instead of the arms. In this case also one must fulfill the condition of a straight line from the neck to the torso to maintain body alignment.

Bench push-ups:

One can also use a low bench or chair to support the arms while performing normal push-ups or knee push-ups. The bench pushes up allows one to concentrate on the push-up motion without causing any strain on the arms or the knees. It needs to be cautioned that the bench or the chair needs to be stable and secure before starting the push-up.

Wall push-ups:

If all the above-mentioned push-ups appear too challenging, then the wall push-up appears most suitable. The wall push—up essentially reduces the pressure on the arms, upper back, and abs. The closer the person stands to the wall, the easier it is to perform the workout. The person must always remain alert to his body alignment while performing the 'wall push—up'. When one gains strength and confidence, then he needs to practice the wall push-up by keeping the feet slightly away from the wall and keeping the whole body weight totally on the arms. This will be most effective to get rid of man boobs.

Knuckle push-ups:

While performing normal push-ups, some people experience wrist discomfort. But by closing the hands which will form a fist, the body weight shifts to the knuckles instead of the palms. It will be more comfortable to perform the push-up on a padded mat or carpet or rolled-up towel.

It needs to be mentioned that whatever push-up may be followed, the aim is to build up strength and attain body fitness emphasizing getting rid of man boobs at home.

6.3.2) Plank:

In the Sanskrit language, the plank pose is known as 'kumbashana' and it is regarded as one of the most fundamental poses of 'asana' of 'yoga'. Plank is a full-body exercise. It engages all core muscles of the body including the glutes, thighs, and shoulders. Plank is one of the best overall core conditioners. It keeps the spine protected and reduces the stress placed on the body.

Plank variations—3 types:
Type:1) Plank cross tap

To start in a full plank, one needs to keep his arms in a straight line with the shoulders and keep the feet a bit wider than the shoulder breadth. The body, up from the head down to the heels must lie in a straight line. Now the person has to lift the right foot and then bring the right knee to the left elbow and then return to the starting position. The performer needs to repeat the same workout using just an opposite foot, knee, and elbow. One needs to continue the workouts alternately several times until one feels tired.

Type:2) Forearm side plank with crunch:

One must lie on his right side with support on his right elbow and also, the forearms and the shoulders must be in a straight line rest the upper part of the body on the right elbow and place the left hand behind the left ear. Secondly, one needs to raise his hips so that his body forms a straight line up from the head down to the heels. Thirdly, keeping the 2 straight-line conditions unchanged, one needs to crunch his abs and bring his left elbow and knee together. The workout is complete.

No one needs to return to the starting position. One needs to repeat the workout alternately simply by using the opposite limbs, e.g. now one must lie on his left side using all other parts of the body in a correct posture and towards the correct direction, and so on. One needs to repeat the workout several times.

Type:3) Full side plank with rotation

The person needs to assume a full plank position keeping his right arms and the right shoulder in the same straight line. One now needs to rest the load of the upper part of the body on the right palm touching the floor. Secondly, the body from the head to the heels must be in a straight line and the heels touching the floor. Thirdly, the left hand will be folded and then rotated the upper portion of the body slightly sideways towards the right, but fully satisfying the 2 straight line conditions. After completing the workout now one needs to return to the starting position. Similarly, perform the workout again for the other side of the body placing the limbs correctly and in the correct direction. Repeat the workout several times.

How long should one continue the plank exercise?

There is a world record for plank workouts continuously performed for 8 hours and 1 minute in May 2016 by Mr. Mao Welbong of China. But it does not mean that everyone should do it. A plank of 1—3 minutes is enough to reap the health benefits including getting rid of boobs.

6.3.3) Reverse crunches:

It is a basic core strengthening exercise that improves the lower back, hips, and spine including the chest. To perform the reverse crunch one needs to lie flat on the back with the hands beneath the hips. Then one needs to bend the knees and lift them towards the head, drawing the knees slightly upwards at the end of the movement. Then one needs to lower the feet down keeping them above the floor to complete the workout. To discuss the workout in detail, the following 3 stages are involved which need to be meticulously followed. Getting into the position:

One needs to lie flat on his back and then fully extend the legs with the toes pointing upwards and keeping his gaze focused on the ceiling. A straight line position must be maintained from the head to the toe. One needs to relax the shoulders and the neck to minimize the tension. Now stretching out on a lightly cushioned surface like a 'yoga mat' or carpeted surface can make one perform the exercise more comfortably. Secondly, one needs to place his arms down beside the body to reach the fingerprints toward the feet on either side of the thighs. It is now essential to press the palms firmly into the floor to create stability.

Even if one does not feel stable enough in this position, he may try sliding the backs of the hands beneath the buttocks to anchor the arms closer to the body. Thirdly, one needs to lie down on the floor forming a straight line from the head to the toe gazing up towards the ceiling. Then it needs to lift the feet and put the knees back until the thighs lie perpendicular to the floor. Now the performer should tighten the muscles in the hips and the thighs to lock the legs in place. Performing the reverse crunch:

The performer needs to draw knees close to the head and contract the muscles of the lower abdomen, bringing his bent knees straight back until those appear just in front of the performer's face. The hips and the buttocks must be fairly rooted to the floor. Those will act as a hinge for the performer's thighs to swivel over. Then he needs to exhale sharply as he brings his knees up and again he should exhale when he puts his knees down. Secondly, he needs to lift his knees upward at the top of the movement and put his knees up to bring to the notice of the performer just toward the direction of the ceiling.

This would cause the lower back and the buttocks to be detached from the floor by an inch or two. The extra lift would make the crunch more effective, but one needs to avoid rocking into the movement. In the 4th stage, he needs to slowly lower the body in a controlled manner and then apply a brake when the thighs are again put perpendicular to the floor. Now to start the next repetition he needs a brief pause. It is advised to target 8—10 reverse crunches per set that will help a lot to get rid of man boobs at home. Intensifying the movement:

It is good to increase the total number of repetitions, but it should not be too many to invite possible injury. As quality is more important than quantity, the workout should be well performed keeping a vigilant eye on the movement of every part of the body in a proper calculative way.

6.3.4) Squat thrust:

It is a total body workout and builds strength and explosiveness with emphasis on the quads, glutes, and hamstring. It also improves hip mobility and cardiovascular endurance. The exercise is applied in metabolic workouts to improve overall conditions of fat loss including getting rid of man boobs. The workout is, although, very challenging, quite effective. The workout is also successfully applied in the fitness test for soldier recruitment. It builds muscular strength and endurance and also trains people to work at a higher heart rate. The workout not only burns excess calories but also increases excess post-exercise oxygen consumption which continues to burn more calories for a few hours even after stopping the workout.

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