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How to lose belly fat fast and easy

How to lose belly fat fast and easy

Table of content


  1. What is belly fat
  2. Causes behind the growth of belly fat
  3. Risks of belly fat
  4. Remedial measures lose belly fat
  5. Tips: Earn 7 extra bonuses by 'losing belly fat fast'

1. Causes behind the growth of belly fat

Causes behind the growth of belly fat

It is known on all hands that too many calories earned in addition to nil or inadequate physical workout can lead to overall obesity. Sometimes poor and unhealthy foods and drinks aggravate abdominal obesity. In some cases, rapid abdominal weight gain can actually be a sign of an underlying medical condition. While hormonal disorders can be the root culprit. Other conditions including liver disease and ovarian tumors may cause abdominal bloating and explosion of abdominal obesity.

2.1) Hypothyroidism

The thyroid (a gland located in the neck) releases hormones that regulate energy use and metabolism (It is a biochemical process in the human body that allows us to grow, reproduce and repair the cell damage and maintain a nice environment-friendly life). Sluggish thyroid or hypothyroidism leads to a slowed metabolism and often leads to weight gain including boosting up belly fat. Besides, an underactive thyroid also causes many people to retain salt and water which can lead to rapid abdominal weight gain. Nevertheless, according to the American Thyroid  Association, weight gain is rarely the only symptom of hypothyroidism. Other symptoms of hypothyroidism include profound fatigue, constipation, and intolerance of cold temperatures, and thinning of hair or hair loss.

2.2) Excessive release of the hormone cortisol

The release of hormone cortisol excessively leads to a condition known as Cushing syndrome.  Cortisol (A hormone produced by the abdominal glands and the glands lying beside the kidneys) is essential for regulating blood pressure and helping the body to manage illness and injuries. When cortisol builds up in the body, it can, however, invite havoc. One of the most common signs of ‘Cushing syndrome’ is central obesity or extreme abdominal weight gain. Because the weight gain occurs quickly so that abdominal stretch out may appear prominent. Cortisol leads to the release of steroids, which promotes weight gain including belly fat. For the same reason, people taking steroid medications (like Deltasone,  Orasone ) are also prone to abdominal weight gain.

2.3) Liver failure

End-stage liver disease or liver failure can also cause rapid abdominal weight gain. Liver failure may be due to many reasons including hepatitis and alcoholic abuse. As liver function deteriorates fluid ascites accumulate in the belly.  This built-up fluid is generally painless. But can quickly result in severe bloating which may be mistaken for riskless weight gain. However, another symptom of liver disease may be jaundice.

2.4) Ovarian disorders

Like liver failure, disorders affecting the ovaries cause ascites as well. Abdominal bloating and weight gain due to ascites may signal underlying ovarian cancer. Fluid, however, can also accumulate in the abdomen due to a non-cancerous ovarian tumor leading to ‘Meigs syndrome’. Another condition called PCOS ( Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) can result in rapid abdominal weight gain as well.

2. Risks of belly fat

Risks of belly fat

3.1) Central obesity vs. overall obesity

A negligible size of belly fat is good as it protects the stomach and its contents including the intestine and other delicate organs. But excess of anything turns into bad when extra fat cells are deposited in the abdomen known as visceral fat. It is widely known that obesity and overweight cause a range of health problems (such as cardiovascular or heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and earlier death). But there is growing evidence that it matters little as to ‘how much weight a person carries. What matters most is ‘where the fat is stored. A recent study in the USA reveals the fact that people who carry fat around their midsection known as ‘central obesity are at greater risk than people who are overweight or obese based on BMI  (Body Mass Index ).

While an earlier study revealed that central obesity is associated with increased risk of both cardiovascular and overall causes of death. Conclusively, a person has normal weight. But with central obesity, runs a greater risk than the person who is overall obese. In this connection, it needs to be added that a person having central obesity with normal weight at present, maybe overall obese in course of time, which, however, matters little.

3.2) Survey result on obese people

A survey was conducted over 15000 US people (Age: 18—90 years) under the ‘Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey’. After follow-up (on average for 14 years), the result showed that over 3200 deaths occurred. The detailed survey report reveals that normal-weight adults with central obesity (measured by waist-hip ratio) have the least long-term survival probability (as compared to any other group regardless of BMI). In fact, the survey result concludes that normal-weight people with fat around the midsection were twice as likely to die (compared with the people who were overweight or obese measured by BMI ).

The reasons explained by the experts are:

(1) Central obesity is associated with an increased accumulation of visceral fat, which is stored around the number of internal organs such as the liver, pancreas, and intestines.

(2) It is not just the abdominal fat that is found responsible to make the front midsection of the body ‘oval shaped’. In fact, it is fat deposited within the abdominal cavity that covers the organs inside the stomach. According to the experts, this abdominal fat is more harmful than the normal fat beneath the skin. In consequence, the abdominal fat can result in insulin resistance inviting type—2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and a lot of chronic diseases. Another study revealed the fact that a normal-weight woman with belly fat, had a 32% higher mortality risk (compared to the obese women without having any excess pound around the belly ).

The implication is that if a person has a normal BMI, but abnormally big waist size faces a higher risk (compared to those having a higher BMI, I .e  obesity, but having normal waist size). Another result based on a survey conducted on 15000 adults (over the period 1988--1994) and measured on BMI shows that about 40% among the participants were found possessing normal weight, while 35% were overweight and 25%  obese. However, apart from waist measurement, researchers also relied on data pertaining to existing health complications, for predicting mortality risk (such as high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and diabetes). Whatsoever, there is no denying the fact that beyond BMI, doctors should also look into the extra pound deposited around the abdomen to ascertain the level of life risk.

3. Remedial measures lose belly fat

Remedial measures lose belly fat

4.1) Dietary plan:

Some preliminary research stressed a diet low in carbohydrates to eliminate waist fat. It is good to eat. more carbohydrate foods like courgette and reduce consuming bread and paste At the same time one needs to consume whole fruits and vegetables, notably almonds, spinach, and other green vegetables. Among fruits that have health benefits are blueberries, blackberries, apples, pears, and pomegranate. These are undoubtedly effective to lose belly fat fast. 

It is also equally important to avoid junk and fast food, unhealthy fats, and drinks, more importantly, sugar-sweetened drinks like fizzy pop and flavored waters as well as sugary foods like chocolate, cake, pastry, etc. which will boost up belly fat stretching to the elliptical shape. Last but not the least, bad but expensive habits like wine and smoking, which invite serious diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and consequently early death, should be totally avoided.

4.2) Physical workout:

In addition to a healthy dietary plan, one must include physical exercise in his daily routine work in order to lose belly fat fast. In this regard, one needs to perform mainly aerobic exercise on regular basis. Anaerobic exercise is any physical activity that makes one sweat, causes to breathe harder, and gets the heart beating faster than at rest. It helps to strengthen the heart and lungs and train up the cardiovascular system to regulate and deliver more oxygen quickly and effectively throughout the body. 'Aerobic' refers to how the body uses oxygen to sufficiently meet energy demand during exercise. Aerobic is rhythmic in nature and uses major muscles.

4.2.1) Common benefits of aerobic exercises for losing belly fat:

  • Strengthens the heart and cardiovascular system.
  • Improves blood circulation and helps to breathe oxygen efficiently and effectively.
  • Increases energy, ability, speed, and endurance implying that one can work out longer without getting bored and tired
  • Reduces risk of diabetes and heart disease
  • Reduces stress, anxiety mental depression and improves and ensures quality sleep.
  • Helps to lose belly fat and attain a sustained healthy weight

4.2.2) Examples of aerobic exercises :

There are varieties of aerobic exercises. One can choose a minimum of 5, each for 10 minutes, and spend in total 50 minutes daily and a minimum of 5 days a week. The aerobic exercises include:


It is a movement at a regular pace towards a fixed direction. The greater the speed, the larger is the benefit of walking. Walking may be performed at any time and anywhere in the street or in the field or in the amusement park or even on the rooftop of the residence where sufficient fresh oxygen is available to breathe comfortably. The street or the field must be perfectly plain to avoid the risk of a leg injury. Early morning is the best time for a healthy walk as fresh cool air is available in abundance and additionally, sufficient time is available for the walk before performing the daily domestic and job responsibilities. The benefits of walking include better cardiovascular fitness, strengthening leg muscles, lowering the level of high blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other serious diseases. Walking is a low-impact exercise that anybody can perform. A Speedy walk regularly at least for 45 minutes is enough to help lose belly fat fast.


Like walking, running also is an inexpensive exercise that can be performed at anytime (preferably early in the morning) and anywhere (preferably in the vast plain field). However, running at the highest possible speed and for maximum, possible time results in maximum benefit, especially to the early riser from sleep (storing sufficient energy after a nice sleep at night). Running improves heart and bone health and strengthens leg muscles  Running is more effective than walking in order to lose belly fat fast as it burns more calories than walking  (for example, what 60-minute walk burns calories, only 30 minutes run burn same calories). According to a research study made on one hundred thousand runners, people who run 35 miles or more per week lose belly fat more rapidly. As we move along our age path an open window gets built up for fat to enter and damage all major organs of the body.


Jogging is running at a slower pace. It is also a good aerobic exercise to lose belly fat. Jogging or running is riskier than walking as it involves risk of injury in case the place is rough, uneven, and soaked with mud, sand, dirt, or raindrops, or the street while running is loaded with walking people or running vehicles. If there is no playground or open field nearby, then it is safest to perform running or jogging in the street early in the morning.


If it is too hot to walk or run, it is better to swim in the cool water. It is the whole body exercise that strengthens muscles of the back, shoulders, arms and also improves joint muscles. The possibility of risk of injury in swimming is quite negligible. If anyone swims outdoor it is better to use sunscreen. Swimming can be performed anywhere in the pool, pond, river, or sea. It burns a greater amount of calories than even running and hence is most effective to lose belly fat quickly.


Cycling produces double gain: (1) as an aerobatic workout and (2) as a low-cost eco-friendly form of transport. It improves leg strength, toning leg and buttock muscles, but with less stress on joints (compared to running or walking). If cycling is performed outdoor, then the helmet is essential. If not performed outdoor, then biking in the home premises or gymnasium is a good alternative.


Rowing is moving by driving with the help of oars. It is a low-impact exercise as compared to running or cycling. It improves heart fitness and strengthens muscles of the upper part of the body as well as the back and abdomen. One can row indoor or outdoor. Whatsoever, it is important to use correct technology to avoid possible injury (especially, in the lower back. Other possible injuries include knee pain, tendonitis in the wrist, and blisters on hands.)


It is a total body movement mainly using the fists in order to target the whole body regimen of the rival. Boxing involves the punch with the highest possible force, weight, and speed to be applied correctly on the target making the legs, hips, back, shoulders, arms work together. The purpose of boxing is not to kill or injure the rival but to earn and learn the skills pertaining to self-defense, agility, speed, mental alertness, and quick decision. Boxing develops major body muscles and helps to lose belly fat fast.


Faster styles of dancing such as jazz, hip hop can be fun as well as an effort to improve flexibility and bone strength. It can be well performed at home in all weather conditions. Dancing opportunities are available in many community centers and dance clubs. While performing the workout effectively one may need to use dance shoes depending on the dance style.

Jump rope:

It is not only an exercise to lose belly fat fast, but also an interesting game for the kids. Anyone who has swung rope 20 seconds will help a lot to speed up heart rate and burn a considerable amount of calories.

4. Tips: Earn 7 extra bonus by 'losing belly fat fast'

Tips: Earn 7 extra bonus by 'losing belly fat fast'

  • Slim waist
  • Fatless belly
  • Nice shaped body
  • Normal weight
  • Strong body muscles
  • Active, healthy and energetic life
  • Higher life expectancy

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