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The 21 day fix calorie chart

The 21 day fix calorie chart

1. Introduction

The 21 day fix calorie chart is a diet program especially designed to help people reach their weight loss goal through healthy eating portion control and daily exercises. The plan calls for balanced eating that includes a mix of all the different groups (namely, lean protein/ complex carbs/ plenty of vegetables/ healthy fats).

2. Purpose behind calorie count

Calculating the right amount of calories (it is used to measure the energy value of food which our body needs to function. Our body stores and burns calories as fuel) depending on whether the goal is to lose weight (losing weight is the prime goal for most of the people , as obesity and being overweight is a global health problem)/ gain weight/ maintain current weight. In fact, calculating the required amount of calories is essential to attain a healthy ideal weight. (An ideal weight is measured by BMI i.e. Body Mass  Index = W/ H2. Where W= weight in kg and H2 = square of height in meter. As for instance, 

  •   An ideal weight = BMI : 20- 25
  •   An underweight = BMI : below 18.5
  •   An overweight = BMI : 25 -30
  •   An obese = BMI : over 30

3. Calculating procedure

3.1) For calculating (R) procedures (in order to attain the fitness goal), the current weight (in pounds) is to be multiplied by 11. The resultant number indicates the calorie baseline.

3.2) One needs to add 400 (the fixed calorie burn) to the calorie baseline. The resultant  number represents  calorie needs  (to maintain the desired weight).

3.3) If a person (with a current weight of 150 pounds, for instance) wishes to lose weight, then it is essential to subtract 750 (from the calorie needs). The resultant number is the calorie target one should consume (to lose weight). The calorie baseline = 1650 (150 multiplied by 11). To maintain existing weight, the calorie needs will be 2050 (1650 + 400). And to lose weight calorie needs = 1300 (2050- 750) which is the calorie target for losing weight. Again to gain weight, calorie needs = 2800 (2050 + 750). The implication is that one needs to add 750 to 2050 to gain weight (and subtract 750 from 2050 to lose weight.

4. Four calorie plans

For maintaining a healthy weight, there are mainly 4 calorie plans (with different calorie targets).

Plan A 1200- 1499 calories
Plan B 1500- 1799  calories
Plan C 1800- 2099  calories
Plan D 2100- 2300 calories

The calorie target varies from person to person depending on whether the person is underweight/ overweigh/ obese/ or have an ideal healthy weight.

5. The 21 day fix calorie chart

The 21 day fix calorie chart is followed by selecting the container/ containers each branded with a particular color and containing a particular type of food items of specified quantity (as per calorie needed each day). The list of containers (each with a particular color and containing a particular group of food items) is enumerated below.

Red container Protein
Green container Veggies 
Yellow container Carbs
Blue container Healthy fats
Purple container Fruits
Orange container Oil seeds, healthy dressings
Teaspoon-measured food container Salt, sugar, oil


Selected containers Red /Purple/ Teaspoon-measured food container
Diets Banana shakes/ Egg/ 1 teaspoonful almond butter


A snack is a small meal between 2 large meals. For instance, a snack is taken in mid-morning- between breakfast in the morning and lunch at noon. Again,  a snack may be taken in the afternoon- between lunch and dinner at night.

Selected containers Purple/ Yellow/ Teaspoon-measured food  container
Diets 1 slice of bread/ apple/ 1 teaspoonful  pea-nut butter


Selected containers Red/ Green/ Yellow
Diets Ground Turkey with 1 teaspoonful olive oil/ baked sweet potato/ tomato and onion


Selected containers Green/ Red / Orange
Diets Greek yogurt / Shredded coconut/ 1 slice carrot


Selected containers Green/ Red/ Blue
Diets Salmon/ Brussels sprouts in 1 teaspoonful olive oil /one fourth avocado

6. Ten tips for faster the 21 day fix calorie chart

  • Buy pre cooked chicken breast or fish.
  • Choose canned tuna for quick meals.
  • Buy pre-cut or frozen vegetables (nothing else is to be added).
  • Consume hard boiled several eggs at once for quick and high protein snacks (in  addition to salads).
  • Roast all the vegetables and bake all the potatoes (purchased daily ) at once.
  • Pre cook sufficient quick quinoa or brown rice for the week.
  • Chop all the carrots/ cucumber/ peppers/ other raw veggies (to prepare salad) for healthy snacks.  
  • Prepare  morning breakfast (rich with a large batch of oatmeal or simple egg cups).
  • Buy and stock berries/ other small sized fruits that need to be cut into pieces.
  • Consume portable snacks (prepared  with raw unsalted nuts).

Conclusively, the food items (to be consumed) mentioned in the tips, may be varied  from time to time keeping the calorie need unchanged and unaffected .

7. Conclusion

‘Easy to use containers’ eliminate the need for counting calories and help take the guesswork required to maintain a healthy weight. Depending on the initial weight/ activity level/ goals to be achieved, one will use one or more containers (each branded with a particular color and containing a particular type of food items) out of 7 containers. There is no hard and fast rule pertaining to choice of food items and quantity. What is more important is to fulfill the calorie needs that vary from person to person (in order to maintain a healthy ideal weight ).

The 21 day fix calorie chart is one of the most popular weight loss regimes (ideal for  anyone, but mostly important for the women). It is an effective nutrition and fitness program and surprisingly a successful program (as compared to other health and fitness regimes). Many find this dieting program very simple/ easy/ effective.


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