How to whiten teeth with baking soda

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 1. What ‘whitening teeth’ means? ‘’Whitening the teeth’ does not mean to make the tooth color white. It implies the removal of discoloring, stain, spot or dirt staying in the . The color of the teeth is the reflection of the dentin layer through the outer ena...

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1. An overview of sound dental health without pain: Wisdom teeth “Those who have no teeth, have no pain.“ Hence the problem of dental pains and remedial measures does not arise to them. Because, for experiencing pain, whether in the wisdom teeth or other teeth, having attained teeth in the natural process’ is a must. For instance, a...

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1) What wisdom teeth mean "How long does wisdom tooth pain last" All of the 4 hindmost teeth. Which appear at the age of 20 are known as ‘wisdom teeth’. The wisdom teeth are the farthest and the final set of teeth adjacent to molars that most people get in their late teens...

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